Transformational Coaching

I realised a few years ago, having been a hypnotherapist for about 7 years, that for some clients it was necessary for them to have extra skills, in order to live the life they wanted after we had got rid of their challenges with Hypnosis or EMDR. Particularly useful for Clients who had had a breakdown or very low mood, Mums who had found the transition into motherhood from being independent working women, and men or women who had burnt out and didn’t know how to carry on in the way they had known previously have found this learning and support incredibly useful. I trained over the space of a year to coach clients through these challenges. The additional skill set is proving to be incredibly useful and a joy to work with. 

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some testimonials:-  


“When I arrived at Victoria’s door I had slid down a slippery slope and was as low as I had ever been. I think now that I had been sliding downwards for years. On the face of it I had everything, money, family, possessions, but my soul was at the bottom of a pit. What Victoria did first was stop the slide with hypnosis and EMDR which was the most important part at that time. It arrested the speed at which I was hurtling into the dark. At this point the clever thing was moving onto the coaching, this, linked with the techniques I learned, was what enabled me to begin to build myself back up. Victoria has given me precious skills, life skills that I will always have to use and to share with others. I think there is often a perception that coaching is fluffy whereas I have found that it is about learning tangible skills that I know how to use when I need to, in order to bring myself back into control. For a couple of years before I arrived at crisis point I thought about doing something about my mental health. I never did it. From where I am at now, I know that had I come to see Victoria at that point, I would never have got to such a crisis. By the time you get to that crisis point you’ve already hurt the people you love. How your crisis plays out, is different for everyone I suspect. Getting the help and the tools for life is the thing people need to know. I realised that whether you like it or not, if you don’t do something, it isn’t just you that gets hurt, it’s those that are closest to you who suffer the most. I have been fascinated by the process and I am now excited about where life might go next. I’m able to cope with the shit day that sometimes occurs and have skills to keep moving forwards, I feel lighter.”Nigel (October 2017)  


“After being a stay at home mum to two children under three I had no idea what help I needed or how to get it. I was feeling worn out mentally and physically and had lost all confidence in myself outside the house and in any other role than 'mum'. I had forgotten how to be a wife to my husband and how to be a friend to myself and although I absolutely loved being a mum, it had changed me more than I could have ever imagined and I felt I needed help to find myself again. I was nervous before starting the programme as I was worried about how focusing on myself again would affect the family dynamic. After having put myself last for three years I wasn't sure how I would cope having to look at myself and improve things, I was also worried about finding the time when I was always with my babies. Starting the course was such a gentle and easy transition for me and I began to cherish the hour a week I had with Victoria. Every week the topics that we covered were so poignant and I always left feeling better, even if I arrived feeling ok. Victoria is so gentle and empathetic and so easy to share and explore sensitive subjects with, she was an incredible coach and without her personal touch it wouldn't have been the same. Learning about the different power types and the over use of 'superwoman' was a complete eye opener and has made the most dramatic change to my life and way of thinking. Before doing the course I was convinced that there was no other way to cope with life as a stay at home mum by being constantly worn out and running on adrenaline to get things done. Learning about different archetypes and tools that help you to cope with different situations in different ways and in a different head space has been a huge help. I can use an archetype to get me through a hard hospital appointment with my little boy and then switch it off and into mother mode just like that, it's been life changing. Learning and tracking cycles has also been so beneficial, learning the best time to rest or take on challenges or make decisions has been invaluable to me. My relationship with myself, my husband and my children has been enhanced and I would recommend this coaching to any woman! It was so easy to find the time to fit into my week and for the lifetime changes and skills it has taught me and my husband it is definitely worth the money.”CL, Spring 2017


"Victoria is a wonderful coach: kind, compassionate and empathetic. She has great wisdom, insight and intuitive understanding and was able to make me feel entirely safe. She inspires confidence and trust and as a result, I was comfortable being vulnerable with her in a way I would ordinarily find very difficult (as someone who 'puts on a brave face'). Victoria brings a wealth of skills and experience to her coaching - and is able to draw on multiple different modalities to get real results for her clients including hypnotherapy and EMDR. I can honestly say that being coached by Victoria is just as enjoyable as having a great conversation with a wise best friend - but infinitely more productive. I still use the tools she gave me and every day I don my 'Queenly boots' and face the world with a smile and Victoria's words in my ear. If you're the sort of person who thinks that coaching is self-indulgent and that you don't have time - make time and get Victoria on the case. Trust me - it will be one of the best decisions you've made."Sara, Spring 2017


“Victoria is a fantastic coach - steering a comfortable course through the programme and setting a pace that felt absolutely right for me, but pushing me when needed. She’s incredibly insightful and really helped me to question and evaluate the things that I wanted to change, and look at them through a different lens. She has a natural talent for engaging with people in an incredibly gentle, yet powerful way, that makes you feel absolutely safe during the whole process. I arrived on day 1 of the coaching feeling tired, burnt out and resentful. But over the weeks the work we did together, and the tools and techniques she taught me, gradually turned these feelings around in an almost imperceptible way and helped set me on a new course. I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough to anyone who needs a reboot!” Lisa, Spring 2017