End of a Relationship

When a relationship ends, especially if it wasn’t our choice, life can feel really overwhelming. Lots of changes can occur in a short space of time and often many decisions need to be made. The good news is that there are techniques that you can learn in order to help you to feel more in control of your emotions. 

These skills can be learned 1:1 or in a group setting. This isn’t a session about therapy, it’s about learning some really good tools for life. Things to do which can change the way that your mind and body are responding to the feelings you are experiencing. I wonder if you even knew that this was possible? 

This is a 2 hour session learning how your mind can control the emotional/hormonal responses to difficult situations. I agree that you will need to process the feelings and emotions that come up but I don’t believe that you need to get stuck in an emotion that causes you continual pain. You will learn lots of skills to help you steer your way through this next chapter as easily as possible. There are handouts, refreshments and a comfortable setting to make this as gentle and easy as possible. 

You should leave feeling like you have the tools to survive and thrive. Feeling calmer, more relaxed, and curious about where you will steer your life next.