Eye Movement De-sensitising and Re-programming is amazing. As with Hypnotherapy there is a chat at the beginning to find out what changes are needed, for me to understand what’s going on with the client. EMDR is a really useful tool for helping with deep seated trauma or sadness. There may be limiting beliefs that a client has, which have evolved over a long period of time, or it may be that a vivid or traumatic recent event has caused life to become really difficult. 

After the initial chat I sit in front of the client, so that they can follow my fingers at about 30 cm in front of their face. I ask questions to find out what level of anxiety is being experienced before we begin and then clients just follow my finger patterns.  

This is a fast and effective tool to really help clients to feel more comfortable after very difficult times. Clients still remember the events, but without any emotional attachment to them. 

This is sometimes the perfect tool for a client, however I reserve the right to choose the treatment as I need to be sure that it is the most suitable choice. 

EMDR clients would expect to feel tired and need to be gentle with themselves for the rest of the day after treatment.